Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Example: Cargo Bridge

Cargo Bridge

A tagline: summarize the app in one sentence
Cargo Bride is a bridge building game in which the objective is get your workers to collect items located on the other side of the valley.

The problem the app solves
Cargo Bridge acts like a bridge building simulator.  Players who play this app must use concepts of physics and architecture to successfully construct a bridge.  Building a successful bridge will allow workers to transport items across the bridge to their home base.  Other than a bridge simulator, Cargo Bridge serves as a game in which players can have fun.

Why I like this app
I like this app because not only is it fun to play but also challenges players to think strategically.  Cargo Bridge provides many levels for players to try out.  The makers of Cargo Bridge, Limex Games, have continued to update and innovate the game.  Based of the original Cargo Bridge, Limex has released multiple variations of the game.  For example there is a medieval and Christmas pack.  Limex has also recently released Cargo Bridge 2.  I like that there is variety in the game and there are plenty of levels to choose from each providing its own challenges.  What I also like about the app is that it is free!

Competing apps, and why this app is better
Competitors to Cargo Bridge are other bridge building simulators like BridgeCraft and Build the Bridge.  While these apps are similar to each other, Cargo Bridge is better than its competitors.  With some of the bridge building simulator like BridgeCraft and Build the Bridge, they have are not updated as often as Cargo Bridge.  As mentioned before, there are multiple versions of Cargo Bridge.  More versions means more levels which lead to more longevity and fun.

A little bit about how this app works
The objective of the game is to build a bridge that workers can walk back and forth on in order to collect items and bring it back to the home base.  The player has to use concepts of physics and architecture to build a successful bridge.  Given a budget, a player must build a bridge without breaking the bank.  Players can choose from two different materials: steel and wood.  There are also two different bridge elements players can use.  Elements can either be walked on or just used as connectors.  Steel is more expensive than wood and walk-able beams are more expensive than support beams.  Given these constraints, a player must be wary of the materials he/she uses when constructing a bridge.  What happens if a bridge is constructed poorly?  The bridge will likely break and the player will fail the level.



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