Thursday, September 6, 2012

Find: Grooveshark's new HTML 5 mobile site

Grooveshark's new HTML 5 mobile site seeks to eliminate the need for a dedicated app

Grooveshark HTML 5 app

Last week, music streaming site Grooveshark found itself in a new bit of controversy — its Android app was reinstated to the Google Play Store for just a few days before being unceremoniously yanked from the store yet again. While Grooveshark said that it was still hoping to have its app back in the Play Store soon, the company just announced a major HTML 5 redesign to its mobile site that eliminates the need for a dedicated app — so users of Android, iOS, or any other modern mobile OS can take advantage of the site. Unlike the beta version that Grooveshark released way back in January, the new release allows users to sign in to their existing accounts and access their saved playlists and favorited tracks.

Unsurprisingly, the service...

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