Thursday, September 20, 2012

Example: ZoomRadar

What is ZoomRadar?
ZoomRadar is an interactive Doppler radar on The user can move the screen to view at different parts of the US and see the current weather. It has many funcitons you can use. It allows oyu to see the radar or cloud cover of a certain area. You can also quickly jump to different parts of the US using the quick zoom. It can also show different weather overlays such as storm tracks, severe warnings, legends and many other things. We can also use it to see the radar or current cloud cover. We can even click to see the current 7 Day Forecasts. One last thing it can do is give a short play through the the movement of storms in the previous few minutes.

- It is extremely helpful to get quick and helpful information of the current weather in an area.
- You can get an estimated time to when a storm will reach a certain area by just turning on storm tracks and clicking in the cone of uncertainty of its path.
- Includes a search engine to quickly jump to any location.
- Rather simpe to use and learn.
- The application is a little clunky.
- Almost any news station that does weather has some type of interactive radar avaliable to the public. Some are better than others.
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