Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Example: Evernote

Evernote is a simple note taking application that can organize every part of you life.

Evernote is an application that allows you to take notes and organize them to simulate normal notebooks. The application is available on all platforms and has both desktop and mobile versions that allow you to access and edit your notes anywhere. Once you create an account with Evernote, all your notebooks and notes are available across all versions and are kept up to date when you sync the application. The notebook-like organization method keeps your notes in order, and tags allow you to create search terms for your notes to find them easier. Evernote can be used for anything: lists, class notes, quick notes, even journals. Evernote puts all your life’s notes in one place and cuts down on the paper trail.

For me, Evernote was the easiest way to turn my laptop into a notebook for all my classes. I could create a notebook for all my classes and simply make a new note for each day when I got into class. The availability on my iPhone made my class notes available to me if I didn't want to open up my laptop, and the desktop version helps if I am offline. I also use it any time I just want to just jot down a quick note for later or keep a list of shopping needs. It helps me stay organized by creating an easy to maintain system and a simple user interface.

While I haven’t explored other note taking applications, I knew Evernote was the right one for me when it organized my notes the way I wanted them and made them available everywhere I go. They do have a size limit on uploads per month, but I have never even come close that limit and I have been using the application for almost two years. For the casual user, the free account is most likely more than enough. If you need more space, you might consider other options before paying for Evernote, but I couldn’t imagine a better application.

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