Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Example: Pandora Radio


Listen to an assortment of music where ever you are.

The problem the app solves: 
Music has always been a huge part of people's lives. The cost of music is unaffordable for the average American because most people like to listen to such a wide variety of music.  Also if you want to listen to a bunch of similar music you have to make a playlist in iTunes or what other music player you use which takes a lot of time.  Pandora Radio solves this issue.  It is a free web app that lets you listen to similar music from playlists it creates for you and you have access to this on your computer, mobile device, or tablet.  

Why you like this app:
Music is a huge part of my life and I enjoy a very wide variety of music.  I don't own every song I want to listen to and I also love discovering new music.  Pandora Radio opens these doors for me.  When I put in an artist I enjoy listening to, I get music from that artist mixed in with other similar artists. This lets me listen to a bunch of music where ever I am.  I have also found a lot of new music to listen to from using this app.

Similar apps:
Some similar apps to Pandora Radio are Spotify and Grooveshark.  With spottily you have to search for a particular artist or album and it just pulls up what you are looking for. There are some playlists but either you have to create them or search for them and they are created by the user.  They have a "radio" feature which is the same as Pandora but in order to use that on a mobile device you have to pay for it where as Pandora is free.  With Grooveshark you have to search for particular artists and songs and create your own playlists.  There is also no mobile feature for Grooveshark. Pandora is free and much simpler and can be accessed on any device.

How this app works:
When Pandora is opened, a search bar is displayed.  You can either type in a particular artist, genre, era of music, etc and it generates a playlist for you.  When the songs start streaming you can hit the thumbs up button if you like the song and want more similar to that, the thumbs down button if you don't like the song and don't want similar songs to that, pause the song, or skip it.  As you "thumbs up", "thumbs down", or skip songs the program keeps picking more songs to fit what you like and adjust to what you are wanting to listen to.  The playlists are saved if you create an account and those playlists can be accessed anywhere on any device as long as you log in.

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