Thursday, September 20, 2012

Example: Do It (Tomorrow)

Do It (Tomorrow) is the self-proclaimed to-do list for procrastinators that allows users to move today’s to-do item to tomorrow’s list.

As a busy college student, you may find yourself making a to-do list for a day only to accomplish about half of items on your list. Do It (Tomorrow) assumes that you will always have items to move to the next day, so it provides a quick and easy way to move uncompleted items to tomorrow.

While providing a task manager, Do It (Tomorrow) also keeps life simple. Only two lists are provided: today’s list and tomorrow’s list. This simple interface encourages using less time to plan and more accomplishing the tasks. This web app also has corresponding apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad devices in order for users to access their list anywhere—which is essential. Why make a to-do list if you can’t refer to it?

There are literally hundreds of competing apps that provide to-do lists and task management tools. While some provide much more functionality and features, they are also more complicated and therefore create more overhead in task management. Other apps might be simpler than Do It (Tomorrow) if they provide only one giant to-do list. Do It (Tomorrow) provides a certain balance. While it is indeed simple (simple click and type to add an item), it also provides the flexibility of two lists—one for today (“I need this done now!”) and one for tomorrow (“This can wait.”)

To use the app, simply log in (or create an account first, if you have no already done so). Two notebook pages are displayed—one for “Today” and one for “Tomorrow.” To add a task item, click at the “+ add a new task” on either page. Typing in the name of task and pressing ‘enter’ will create your task in the selected list. When you complete you task, simply click the task to mark it out. I you want to move your task item from today to tomorrow, just click the arrow beside it. If you finish all of the ‘today’ tasks and want to move an item from tomorrow’s list to today’ list, simple click the arrow beside the item on the ‘tomorrow’ list.


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