Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Example: Endomondo

Endomondo is a sports tracker application that can be installed on ones' smartphone. It can be used to track the progress of any workout involving distance via gps such as running, kayaking, cycling, hiking, etc.

The application's graphic user interface is quite open and easy to navigated, with distance traveled and the amount of time since you started are displayed near the top of the screen and you speed (average and current) is displayed bellow. You also have the option to re-arrange where things are displayed on the screen, and can create personal audio alerts for various things. Some of which include; having traveled a certain distance or time and meeting a personal goal. The creation of all routes and workouts happens in your account at which the application can access after you provide it with your login information.

However, what really makes this application special is its "PepTalk" feature. This allows the user to receive messages from friends while on the go from, and can be taken either further if the user integrates their endomondo account with their Twitter and Facebook accounts, which allows them to receive messages from both of those services in addition to endomondo.

The only real downside to the application is the fact that, while you can listen to music on some phones (like the iphone), you have no control over your playlist without first exiting the application.
And its main competition is RunKeeper and Runmeter GPS.

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