Monday, September 17, 2012

Example: iPlotz Web App



Allows anyone to quickly and easily sketch out a design for a webpage. They can then download the sketch as an HTML file and then work on functionality.

This app eliminates the necessity of reloading a webpage everytime you edit the HTML to see how the UI is changed. You simply drag and drop what you want into the box, and then download the result as an HTML file. Then the only thing left is to create the backend code.

This app is great because it visualizes what you're doing, instead of coding and trying to figure out the exact measurements to get the page to look the way you want it. All you have to do is drag and drop, and then the app codes your UI for you. Then you just add the backend funtionality, which is the important part anyways.

This app is especially great because it is more than just a drag and drop box. It allows a team of people to have access to the UI so that they can collaborate on it. You can have multiple wireframe sketches saved in your profile, and you can make them public to the world, or private to your team or just you.

There is a list of various UI items on the left of the screen. Simply drag and drop the desired items to the sandbox. Arrange the items as desired. You can create multiple pages for each project, and link the pages by linking specific objects to the desired page. Once you are done, you can preview the page to test it before downloading. Then you click export and select HTMl, or your desired file type, and VOILA!

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