Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Example: Atari Arcade

Tagline: Classic Atari Games Wrapped in delicious HTML5

The Atari Arcade web app is an HTML5 web application which allows users to play several classic Atari games including Pong and Lunar Lander. This web app fills the gaming void left by web app developers. There have been many examples of what HTML5 and javascript are capable of, but there have been very few games built using the platform. Traditionally browser based games are created using plugins like Shockwave, Java, Flash player, etc. Although plugins offer a lot of power, they are not very efficient because they require some outside platform to interpret the game. There have been examples of games in HTML5, but they're still a minority to Flash based web games, and they usually are not major titles. Microsoft in a shameless effort to promote the capabilities of Internet Explorer partnered with Atari to bring mainstream classic games to the web through HTML5.
What I like the most about this app is its content. I like classic arcade games and this web app gives me the ability to play them with ads for free. Second to the content, I like that the app works across many browsers and devices. I was able to play these games on my iPad with no problems. My only criticism is the lack of full screen play in browsers other than Internet Explorer, but this is probably due to browser specific features.
Compared to the competition this arcade app looks like the average browser based game, but what makes it stand out is the engine underneath. Adult Swim games at have a competing collection of browser based games that run on Flash and while they are fun to play they require more resources to run.

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