Thursday, September 20, 2012

Example: FratMusicRadio

Listen to music streamed online from wherever you are from a variety of different playlists offered or 'stations'.
The problem the app solves:
People love listening to music but the problem is that it can get expensive. Discovering new music is always fun but definitely not the easiest to do when software like iTunes will suggest artist in such a way that it feels unrelated and is product placement on some level. FratMusicRadio allows you to pick from a variety of playlists ranging from 'hot', 'rage', 'day drinking', 'power hours', 'classic rock' and 'country'. Not only do they offer playlists relating genres of music, they relate playlists to what activity you may be doing. Perfect for setting the mood no matter what situation you're in. Everyone loves a good day drink.
Why you like this app:
I'm always listening to music in one way or another. One thing I hate is streaming music then having to listen to commercial after commercial. I love FratMusicRadio because they limit the number of tracks you can skip per playlist AND per hour, so you don't have to listen to commercials, but you cannot just endlessly skip tracks.  This has a hidden bonus, because it forces you to listen to songs that you may not recognize the title and just instinctively skip, but you may love.  If you, in fact, don't like the song, you can always just switch to another playlist with a similar style.  This is great for parties, tailgates, casually listening to music and virtually any other situation because you can pick a playlist based off a mood, not just an artist.
Similar apps:
Some of its' competitors would be, Pandora, Spotify, GrooveShark, and iTunes.  It's better than iTunes because itunes charge you per song, and you do not have the option of discovering new music without having to look things up by yourself. It's better than grooveshark because grooveshark only allows you to create playlists and search for particular artists or songs. Its better than spotify because spotify has a limited number of playlists available, and they are created by other spotify users, so the music may not be related at all. They do have a radio feature, but to get it on mobile, it requires a monthly fee. Pandora is probably its biggest competitor because it is free on mobile, while FratMusicRadio does not have an app. Pandora does force you to listen to commercials and FratMusic does not, which is what gives it an upper hand on Pandora.
How this app works:
Its very simple, just go to and once there, pick from any of the playlist genres. Up top they give you several different playlists to pick from, then just click play. If you run out of skips, click another playlist in the genre and do it again. You can't lose, free music and no commercials. Win.

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