Thursday, September 20, 2012

example: 8 Track

   internet radio has been the second only to social media as the internet has expanded at an exponential rate over the past decade.  the music industry is in a constant battle with websites to control the their media and increase incentives to purchase their music.  with that has come internet radio, its streaming content and normally an inability to play music on demand allows them to bypass copyright laws and allow people to music through their computers.
what it does:
   8 track is another internet radio station but it doesnt do any of the playlist generating.  all the playlists are made by fellow users that upload their music so that other users can play a mix.  music is stored on their servers and is played back through either their mobile app or their online app.  music is given tags so that users can search through mixs and find music that they like.  mixs are given their own page so that they can be shared with an embedded tag or simply copy and paste the url.  listeners can create their own account so that data can be collected on music they listen to.  the app then uses music that they were just listening to plus music that they have listened to automatically pick a new mix after the one they were listening to ends.  this helps create a seamless listening experience.  8 tracks alos keeps tracks on whats trending on the website and advertises these mixs as popular or hot.
the user experience:
   users are able create their own accounts.  this allows them to share the same music across pc to mobile devices.  users are also able to comment on mixs which allows users to communicate with each other about the music.  users are also able to like mixs or individual tracks.  this allows the user to hold a collection of music on their account for easy finding and the mixs can be played as a continues mix of mix's.  music can of course be shared through social media websites and embedded on websites.  songs are also linked to youtube  so that the song name is queried on youtube and a match is played so although 8 tracks does not infringe on copyright laws and allow usersd to play music on demand it will link to other sites that offer the music.  it also links to itunes so that your music can be easily found and purchased.
what sets it apart:
   8 tracks is rather unique in its combination of features.  its competitors like pandora or grooveshark fall short in the management of music.  8 tracks allows for music to be saved and marked but it also allows it to be random and spontaneous.  this makes it so that users discover music from people with similar tastes in music.  8 tracks creates a hybrid of playing music like a radio in that you do not have control over what song will play next but it still allows you to save and replay songs through its linking with other media sites.

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